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"As CEO I accept responsibility for the irregularities that have been found in diesel engines"
Martin Winterkorn, Former Volkswagen CEO

The Guardian
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"Staff acted criminally"
Olaf Lies, Volkswagen Board Member

BBC News
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VW scandal could cost car owners £3294 ($5000) in loss of resale value
Professor of management at Miami University’s Farmer School of Business

Time Magazine
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What is the emissions scandal about?

It would appear that VW rather than comply decided to produce some clever software that recognized when the vehicle was being tested for emissions and effectively change its engine mode and behaviour to pass the emission monitoring test. Of course once the vehicle was on the open road the software restored the engine to its normal running capacity and there lies the problem.

How could it affect me?

The Jury is still out on the full effects this may have on VW customers. The general wisdom at this stage suggests that the value of VW diesel cars is likely to depreciate far faster than expected, as their green credentials are no longer credible. The resale value is also expected to drop as negative news and PR ripples outwards turning people away from what was regarded as a superior branded motor vehicle.

How much is my claim worth?

The value of a claim can vary based on many factors and it would be impossible to give out individual guides without getting more details. However we have teamed up with One the UK’s largest class action specialist who can give you more details and information based on your own personal details. To join the class action and see just how much you could claim click the get started below.

When Can I Reclaim?

With over 1.2 million VW vehicles reported to be involved in the emissions control software scandal it is little wonder consumers look for direction on just how this effects them. This site will keep those effected updated on what exactly the announcements mean and how exactly this effects you. We are also in the process of consultation with one of the UK’s largest and most successful class action specialists.

VW Reclaim

UK Drivers Affected

As the UK has a large numbers of diesel cars on the roads it was always likely to be involved in this scandal. For a number of years it has been the biggest new car market in the European Union, second only to Germany. Many residents took advantage of forecourt deals, which included enticing financial packages, and this helped the manufacturer become the popular choice of 2014.

VW Reclaim

Emission Testing

Diesel engines generally emit less CO2 than most petrol cars. Many people have switched to diesel from petrol with the belief that they could save more money and be more environmentally friendly in the process. UK consumers are attracted to quality brands and are prepared to pay more for them. Of the vehicles attached to this scandal close to 1 million are VW and Audi branded models.

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